Friday, June 9, 2017

Friday, June 2, 2017

Google form about TRAVELLING

Hi guys!, welcome to my blog

Today I'm going to show you a google form that I have done about travelling. Please I would be very happy if you fullfill the form that I will put it down.

Hope you like it.

A hug.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Hi guys! welcome to my blog,

Today I'm going to show you my picture dictionary. I have done this dictionary for a work, that consisted in, using legal pictures from internet. For that, our teacher asked us to do this dictionary with legal pictures, and apart from that, to put the atributions of the pictures.

The topics of the pictures were: fruits, vegetables, shapes, colours, sports, music...

As you will see down in my picture dictionary I chose the topic of sports and I'm very proud with the result, I did one slide with one sport and in the last slide I wrote the atributions of those pictures, I mean, who take it or where I found it. 

Nowadays pictures of internet have a licency like "copy right", that means that it can't be used, otherwise it would be ilegal, and other pictures have a public domain, this concept doesn't have any licency, this means, if you use that picture, it would be legal, but, sometimes you have to put the owner or creator of that picture, like in my picture dictionary. 

Hope you like it.

A big hug.
                                                          Maria Picture Dictionary (2)

Monday, May 8, 2017


Hi guys!, welcome to my blog

As you know, I have been posting some shapes from the tinkercad app, some of them better than others...

Today, I'm going to share with you my own design. At the beggining I thought to do a car, but them I saw that it wasn't a good idea, so I decided to do a mountain landscape.

Here you have some pictures, I hope you like it:

Friday, May 5, 2017


Hi guys!, welcome to my blog

Today I'm going to show you another shape from the app Tinkercad. This time it is a house.

Here you have some pictures. Hope you like it:


Hi guys!, welcome to my blog

Today I'm going to show you another shape that I have done with the Tinkercad app. This time I did a swimming pool.

It looks more difficult than the previus one (the camera), but, It was easy to do it.

Here you have some pictures of teh shape, I hope you like it.

Friday, April 28, 2017


Hi guys!, welcome to my blog

Today I'm going to show you my geometric "shape" that I have done from the Tinkercad app

I have to be honest it has been quite difficult for me, because, I'm not very patient and I became crazy tryin g to do it correctly. I know that is not perfect but I try it and I put my best.

Here you have some images of my geometriz shape that I don't know what is it, so, it doesn'yt have any name.

Monday, April 24, 2017


Hi guys!, welcome to my blog

Today I'm going to speak about my website, called AQUALIFE.

The website is about swimming products: Bags, bikinis, bottles, caps, competition swimsuits, fins, flip-flops, goggles, shovels, swimsuits and towels.
The difficultie that I have found is to organize all the website, put the price to each product and prepare the FAQ (frequently ask questions), because I wanted to be the most general and helpful questions.

What I have done to attract clients, is to provide our gmail account ( and our instagram and facebook profiles (@aqualifeshop) for people that wanted to see all the new collection or the new products that we have. Also we provide our gmail account to help them if they have dudes.

I hope you like my website. Click here if you want to see it.

Friday, January 13, 2017


Hi guys! welcome to my blog

Today I am going to share with you the padlet that I did with Iratxe about products that can save the environment that is very important for us.

I hope you like the padlet.

A hug.

Monday, January 9, 2017


Hi guys!, welcome to my blog,

As you know, christmas holidays are very near, and we will have a lot of free time to do anything we want, so today, I am going to recommend you some books, movies or games that you will can to read, see or play it if you are boring.

I love to read books, so I'm going to show you one of the books that I have just read it and I think that it is fantastic. Is the typical book that let you immerse yourself in the story of the protagonists. I think that this trilogy is very recommended for those who likes the romantic movies and books.

Resultado de imagen de love you books estelle maskameThe book is love you, well is the first book of the trilogy called "You" made it by the young writer of 19 years old Estelle Maskame and the book goes about a girl that has divorced parents, so she has to go the Santa Monica, California to be with her father all the summer. Her father after the divorce with her mother he has married with another women that has three sons. Eden (the name of the protagonists) doesn't want to go with her father, because, when she was little her father neglect her mother and he went forever.
The book goes about Eden and it explain some difficulties of love, for example, how does she fall in love of Tyler. Her brother in law.

Resultado de imagen de love you need you miss you books

I'm a fan of the movies, I like any type, but I have chosen two movies, very differents but very good  to watch it this christmas with the family. I hope you like it.

Resultado de imagen de jurassic world summaryThe first movie that I chose is "Jurassic world". This movie is the fourth movie of the saga directed by Steven Spielberg "Jurassic Park". The movie is about a resort of dinosaurs genetically modified, that has been opened after the disaster of the same resort 22 years ago. The resort goes very well, but a knew dinosaur called the Indominus Rex mix of the Rex and another dinosaur (in the movie they say it, but, if I tell you will be a little bit of spoiler) puts in danger the life of all the visitors of the resort, because she escapes from her cage and she will kill all the dinosaurs and human that she find. To stop that terrible dinosaur, one of the boss of the resorts Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard), Owen (Chris Pratt) and the nephews of Claire (Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins) are going to survive.
Resultado de imagen de jurassic world
This is one of my favourite movies, because I love everything related with dinosaurs. Also, I think that the movie is very well made it, due to, the relaity of the dinasaurs and the events that happen because you can't take away your eyes meanwhile your watching it, because of fear to loss something.

Imagen relacionadaAnother movie that I recommend totally to you to see it is very new and is called "A monster calls" . This movie is about Conor (Lewis Macdougall) 13 years old boy has a mum(Felicity Jones) dying of cancer, meanwhile, in that period Connor is having some nightmares with a monster(Liam Neeson) that says that he is going to to show Connor his truth, for that, the monster says that he is going to show to Connor three histories with different characters and different events to show him that the truth is not what we ever see, and then Connor will have to tell the fourth history, his truth connected with his mother. What will happen?

Resultado de imagen de a monster calls

From my point of view, this movie is very special because it is about the relation between a son and a mother, who is ill. This movie is very good because it represent the fair, the love, and the courage of the son.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Hi guys!, welcome to my blog

Today I'm going to show you my leafleft about violence against women.

I did this leafleft because, recently, it was the day against this violence (25th of   November).

 I would like you to read it and see that there a lot of different types of violence, a lot of women affected now a days and also to know which are the characteristics that the aggressors take into account in their victims of sexual and physical violence.

I hope you like it.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Peace Nobel Prize 2009

Resultado de imagen de interesting facts of barack obama

Hi guys!, welcome to my blog

Today I'm going to write about the peace nobel prize that Barack Obama won in 2009.

Barack Hussein Obama was born on August 4, 1961 in Honolulu (Hawaii). He is son of Barack Obama Sr. and Ann Dunham, he has eight brothers and sisters, called Maya Soetoro-Ng, Auma, Malik Abongo, Mark Okoth, David, George, Abo and Bernard.

Resultado de imagen de barack obama hermanos

After high school, Obama moved to Los Angeles in 1979 to attend Occidental College. In February 1981, Obama made his first public speech, calling for Occidental to participate in the disinvestment from South Africa in response to that nation's policy of apartheid. He graduated with a BA degree in 1983 and worked for a year at the Business International Corporation, then at the New York Public Interest Research Group. In 1985, Obama was among the leaders of May Day efforts to bring attention to the New York City Subway system, which was in a bad condition at the time. Obama traveled to several subway stations to get people to sign letters addressed to local officials and the Metropolitan Transporatation Authority, and was sphotographed at the city College subway station holding a sign protesting againts the system's conditions.

 Obama was elected and re-elected in 1996 and 1998 to the Illions senagte. In May 2002, Obama commissioned a poll to assess his prospects in a 2004 U.S. Senate race. he created a campaign committee, began raising funds, and lined up political media consultant David Axerlod by August 2002. Obama formally announced his candidancy in January 2003. 

In January 2005 Obama was a storm in as a senator becoming the only Senate member of the Congressional Black Caucus CQ Weekly characterized him as a "loyal Democrat" based on analysis of all Senate votes from 2005 to 2007. Obama announced on November 13, 2008, that he would resign his Senate seat on November 16, 2008 before the start of the lame-duck session, to focus on his transition perios for the presidency.

Obama became the president of the United States on january 20 of 2008 and he will finish his presidency officially on January 20 of 2017, replaced by Donald Trump.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Mind map

Hi guys!, welcome to my blog

Today I'm going to write about my mind map.

The mind map is about the French Revolution. I did it about this topic, because I have learned it at school and I think that it is easy to put all the notes and information in a map.

In the mind map doesn't appear all the French Revolution, only, the long-term causes: Social, Political, Economic, The War Of The Independence of America, The Enlightenment, philosophers, bankruptcy etc...

I hope you like it.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Reflections on social websites

As we know, in the last years the technology has changed a lot, also, in the applications like the social websites, where nowadays most of the people have an account in webs like instagram, twitter, facebook...

But are those websites secure? In this article I'm going to write about the advantages, disadvantages, "false friends", cyber bullying of these websites.

Those websites can be safe in many aspects, for example: if somebody asks you to follow you, you can accept or block the permission, so he/she can't see your comments, photos, videos...
Also, you can see and comment the photos and videos of your friends, you can publish pictures of yourself or with somebody so people can see and comment on them.

 Besides, you can make new friends by this media, however, making new friends can be a problem if you haven never met them face to face, because, a lot of people do false profiles and they lie about their age and aspect, they can hound (harrass) you saying that you can't stop speaking with them and more things... What's more, people can publish a photo where you appear, without your permission, they can upload it to internet where everybody can see it, people that follow you and people that don't follow you.

In addition, on the internet there is bullying like in the real life, called cyber bullying, this happens when people use electronic media to do bullying to other people and intimidate them. Examples of cyber bullying include text messages or emails, rumors sent by email or posted on social networking sites, and embarrassing pictures videos websites or fake profiles.

In conclusion, the internet is much dangerous than people think, so, we have to be careful with this new media, because it can hurt somebody psychologically.

Friday, September 30, 2016


Hi guys!,

Today I'm going to write about my travels. Where I have been to, my favourite places, cities, etc...

Well, I have been to a lot of places because, normally, all the summers I go  somewhere. I usually go to Cadiz, The Canary Islands, Cambrils etc...I think that they are good places for summer because there is a fantastic climate, the beautiful landscapes such as the volcanos like the Teide, the beaches of Cambrils and Cadiz. Moreover, the food is fantastic, etc...
Here you have some links for places that you can visit in Cambrils, Cadiz and The Canary Islands:

Resultado de imagen de tower bridgeApart from that I want to write about one particular trip. This year I went to London at Easter, and absolutely it is my favourite city so far.
On my first day I went to the Tower Bridge and it was very cool, I liked it so much, It was very beautiful and I enjoyed being there.

Resultado de imagen de buckingham palaceOn the second day I was in Buckingham Palace to see the queen and the changing of the guard, but, to be honest I didn't see the changing of the guard, because of the people that were there and I didn't see the queen because it was the flag in the window and people told us that when the flag is out, means that the queen isn't in Buckingham Palace.

Also, I went to the house of Lady Diana that now belongs to Kate and William, the house and the landscape were very beautiful, but it was a bit strange, because at the garden of the house there was like a coffe-shop, where you can take a coffe and buy some things to remenber the place. So it was like a touristy place were you can go to the house of the members of the royal family.

Resultado de imagen de abadia de westminsterOn the fourth day, I went to Westminster Abbey, I liked the place because it was very very beautiful and very interesting because I realized that under the floor they were bodies of important people of England. And as well, that all the member of the royal family like William and Kate Middleton married in that church.

 My favourite street of London was Piccadilly Circus because there  were so many lights, big TVs in the buildings, a lot of shops, good food  restaurants, etc...
 Here you have some pictures of the street:

Resultado de imagen de piccadilly circus              Resultado de imagen de piccadilly circus harrods de noche

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hi guys!, welcome to my blog.

My name is Maria. -I'm a student in Laskorain school. I am a swimmer in the team of my town, my best style is butterfly and I like to do 200 and 100 butterfly.

Also, I love books, music and movies. My favourite books and films are about adventure and I like pop music.